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Garrett ground treasure hunter,metal detector scorpion

Garrett ground treasure hunter,metal detector scorpion
Product Detailed

scorpion ground metal detector
1.precision electronic instrument
2.Underground Deep Search Detector
3.widely used

Garrett ground treasure hunter,metal detector scorpion


Special Notice
The Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger metal detector is a precision electronic instrument engineered to help you locate gold nuggets, ore veins, and precious metal while giving years of trouble-free service. In addition,this treasure hunting metal detector with calibrated discrimination also serves as a universal instrument to find coins, rings and jewelry and for relic, cache and beach hunting.

Study this manual and follow these instructions to receive maximum performance from this detector. The Gold Stinger is built to withstand rugged treatment in the outdoors, but you should always handle the detector carefully. Protect it at all times from mist, rain or blowing sand and keep it as clean as possible.
To the Owner
As the proud owner of a Garrett metal detector, you join a worldwide family of treasure hunters. Men and women who are its members have used their Garrett instruments to find gold nuggets, coins and relics worth literally millions of dollar. You too can find treasure with the Scorpion Gold Stinger metal detector.


This owner's manual will describe basic functions of the Gold Stinger and explain how you can use
it properly to find gold nuggets, ore veins and other valuable objects. Your Gold Stinger, who's famed 15kHz Groundhog circuit has been completely redesigned by computer technology, is a
fine basic detector for hunting any metallic object.


Especially well suited for finding precious metals, it offers the serious electronic prospector full VLF/TR calibrated discrimination for ore sampling and the elimination of hot rocks.


In addition to its added power for punching through mineralized ground, it provides the absolute control available only with precise dual controls for manual ground balancing and highly responsive 10-turn audio control. Circuitry that responds to signals from revolutionary Crossfire searchcoils results in greater penetration to find even the smallest nuggets and more precise accuracy to locate them. To prospect for precious metals or hunt for deeply buried caches switch to the All Metal mode and ground balance the detector precisely to your satisfaction with dual multi-turn controls. A Motion

Discriminate mode is available for coin, beach and relic hunting. Your discrimination control will eliminate unwanted targets.


The Scorpion Gold Stinger is equipped with a 5"x10" round searchcoil. Other accessories are listed
in this Owner's Manual. Welcome again to the Garrett treasure hunting family. In selecting a Scorpion Gold Stinger you have taken the advice of experienced electronic prospectors.
Now, use one of the world's most capable and universal metal detectors to let Garrett help you find gold nuggets and other treasure!


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